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The great psychologist Ernst von Glasersfeld once wrote that one "can't not communicate." By not having copy, you are telling people that you don't want to be found and you provide nothing they value. Copywriting encompasses the core of what businesses need to create value and reach customers. Copywriting might be coming up with a snappy slogan or an entire book's worth of words. These words are crafted with your business or not-for-profit so your audience understands precisely where you're coming from. Click here to get your words today.

Web content and SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO comes in many forms - on-page optimisation, metadata optimisation, backlinking and keyword optimisation for AdWords and search engines. A lot of Melbourne SEO firms will promise the Earth moving your keyword rankings to tops of lists. Some can, most don't. I don't sell a magic bullet, because there is no magic bullet. I don't sell snake oil to you. Google releasing the workings of their secret search algorithm is akin to Coca-Cola giving away their formula. What I can guarantee is that you'll buy words that are persuasive and flow freely using your chosen keywords. Words all over your website, your blog posts or your electronic direct mail (eDM). I can also manage your content for you if you want to save time. Contact me to see how my words can sell your business better.

Print copy and direct marketing

Print isn't dead. Print is big. If you walk down any bustling Melbourne street, you'll find printed matter on shop fronts, billboards, filling shop counters as brochures, flyers, letters, business cards and annual reports. Words that motivate your employees, words that persuade fence-sitters and words that make people laugh, cry and fall in love. (Maybe I'm getting a little carried away.) Print is your pathway promoting yourself to customers and stakeholders, up close and personally. Click here to contact me about your next print campaign.

Publicity and Strategy

If you've got a great new product or service that you think the world ought to know about, I Sell Words can draft and implement a comprehensive publicity and public relations strategy for your business. From a small-scale "guerrilla" campaign targeting Melbourne to an all out promotions blitz covering cross-media channels across continents, I Sell Words makes your business buzz. Click here to get your PR campaign started.

Social Media

Social media looks easy enough - it's talking to people through a communications medium in real time. It's very easy to do, but extremely difficult to get right. Not only that, it's unbelievably simple to foul up. By taking on board my training and content strategy from the I Sell Words partners, you can master social media - before it ends up mastering you. Click here to make the first step into the social media world.

Media consulting, marketing and communications

If you're muddled about media and marketing in Melbourne, use my expertise to get you speaking and talking like a media pro. My experience in marketing and communications for business and not-for-profits can supercharge your communications so they're clear, concise and get real attention. I can write internal communications, annual reports, memos, media kits, sales letters, intranet copy and more.

If all you have is a business idea, I Sell Words can organise all your marketing and communications for you from your business name to the signs on the door. I'm like your hired-gun marketing and comms manager in Melbourne. Click here to ask me how.

Domain names

Did you know that there are over 300 new generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) have been delegated and are already online, with thousands more to come? gTLDs are domain names that end in the usual .com or .net. Now we have .tips, .guru and .today, with many more localised or specialised gTLDs coming online all the time. If all your options for domain names look exhausted, think again - my domain name expertise and consulting can find your company new opportunities in the new gTLD space. I also have expert-level knowledge about the domain regulations and rules that govern Australia. Click here to get more domain name information.


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