Why Buy My Words?

It saves time.

Imagine you need new copy for your website. You take on the project yourself, spending hours and hours on finding the right words - let alone any words - to fill up blank spaces. Embarking on an odyssey for verbiage, you've lost precious time better spent following up leads, working on your business, and making sales.

  • Frees up your time so you can focus on your business.
  • Moves your online or print projects forward if you've been waiting for the "right words."
  • Means an expert is working on your behalf to get the best results the first time.

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It saves money.

If you are considering hiring a marketing and communications manager to handle all your copy, you probably aren't. The median wage for a marketing and communications coordinator (junior to mid-level) is $49,643 p/a if they're working full time. By outsourcing your copywriting, content and communications, you are not only saving time but money.

  • Outsourcing copywriting means you pay an agreed fixed price so you're not throwing money away paying to keep a seat warm when there's nothing to do.
  • Freelance copywriters work from their own office or home so you aren't paying overheads such as payroll taxes, insurance and utilities.
  • Freelance copywriters derive wages from doing the job they love, which means you get the most competitive prices.

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It CREATES value.

Unlike other products or services, creative copywriting means you can derive value from the materials you order over and over again. Words that we write can be used on your website, brochure and flyers for years and years to come. In time, Copywriting eventually pays for itself. It's a one-time commitment that produces real results now and into the future.

  • Copywriting creates real value, as the materials they create will eventually pay for themselves through a measurable increase in clicks, sales or clients.
  • Copywriting in a clear, consistent and brand-specific message creates a loyalty and familiarity that customers clamour for.
  • Sharp and snappy copywriting keeps your brand at the top of mind for your market or industry.

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