The New Old Normal

“Tom,” a client will say, “Why do you bother interviewing people like me? It’s not like I do anything interesting.” That’s where most of my (beloved) clients are wrong.

Dead wrong.

Throughout my journey as a solo copywriter over these three and a bit years, I’ve yet to find a business that wasn’t interesting in one way or another. Though our definitions of “interesting” vary, there’s a common theme in each business. It isn’t “going digital” or being innovative; it’s not even as fundamental as using a good accountant. It’s the most interesting thing to the person who owns or runs the business.

Drifting off from idea into start-up, ploughing through difficulty, and laying the foundations for an established business, we often forget just how interesting our jobs can be.

I mean, if they weren’t interesting in one way or another, why would we keep getting up in the morning?

It all comes down to parallax – the changing of perspective. From within your world, your job is multi-valued, and multi-interested. If I describe all the mundane admin tasks to you in detail, you’d agree my job isn’t the most fun or exciting one in the world.

What feels normal to us, seems extraordinary to most others.

Some of us don’t step back from the business and give ourselves credit for building something out of nothing, or at least, not a great deal. If you have a thousand people on your mailing list, that’s something to be proud of. Six figure turnover? Incredible. Doing what you love, day in, day out? A commendable achievement, even if no one tells you that.

To those of you thinking your job or career isn’t interesting, stop yourself. Because it is interesting. It’s fascinating. It’s so absorbing you do it all day, every day. It’s the most interesting thing in the world to the person that matters.

That person is you.