Welcome to I Sell Words

At the start of this year, I made a resolution. Many of us do. We have high minded hopes of losing a couple of kilos, hitting the gym more or taking more time out for ourselves. I got out of bed on January 1, brain still pickled from the night before. One thought cut through the murk - I want to sell my words. I already did, in the guise of journalism and the odd copywriting job.

But I wanted to sell them for myself. I wanted to sell them full time. I wanted to use my passion and my skill as a meal ticket and beyond.

So I committed myself to opening the door on this, I Sell Words. I sell words because my words sell. Simple.

So I had a mind to quit my day job at .au Domain Administration, where I was their Marketing and Communications Officer. As much as I'll miss the gang in Cardigan St, I needed to work with passion on my own business. I worked on this website in my downtime and now I can bring you the best words that'll move people, merchandise and services for competitive prices.

As an introductory offer, I can write four (4) 400w blog posts for your business for $99. You can use that for your blog, social media or EDM (electronic direct mail.) It's an offer that's available until May 31, 2014. As you gather more customers, I'm another word closer to living my dream.

If you want to benefit from words that sell, click here to contact me.